Testing and Tutoring


All tutoring services at MTC are administered by the Testing and Tutoring Coordinator whose office is located in Bryson Hall 197. All tutoring services at MTC are offered to students free of charge and are available for most general education courses and for many technical courses.

Students must submit a tutor request form to the Testing and Tutoring Coordinator for all tutoring services except online tutoring. MTC hires adjunct professional tutors and teacher-recommended students to work as peer tutors.

Tutoring formats

Tutoring is offered in three different ways:

Open table (small group)

– Students may participate in open table tutoring by simply showing up for the designated tutoring session. Days, times, and locations for these sessions are established and announced on fliers posted on campus, on CANVAS announcement postings in designated classes, as well as through email announcements to students and faculty. Typically sessions are held twice a week; session lengths vary depending on the topic. Students are invited to stay for the entire tutoring session or can come and go as needed, attending all or only a few of the sessions throughout the semester.

One-to-one (individual)

Students must submit a tutor request form to participate in individual tutoring. Days and times for these sessions are established by the tutor and the tutee (the student requesting the tutoring). Typically tutor and tutee will meet twice a week for no more than a total of 3 hours each week. Students are expected to attend these sessions from the time they are established until the end of the term. Students in one-to-one tutoring arrangements will lose their tutoring privileges for the rest of the term if they have two “no shows” for their appointments. The location where individual tutoring session is held will vary based on the needs of the subject requested.

Both open table and one-to-one tutoring require that students continue to attend class while they receive our services.


MTC is a member of the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative. This collaborative receives its funding from the Ohio Department of Higher Education, which is funded by the Ohio General Assembly. Ohio colleges and universities, including MTC, collaborate to provide academic tutors for this system seven days a week—free of charge to students. Tutors are typically available from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.; hours of availability in specific subjects may vary. Live sessions take place in a ZOOM room utilizing audio and video, a whiteboard, document-sharing, and instant messaging. Writing students upload papers for review by tutors and receive written encouragement and suggestions on improving the written work. MTC students do not need to submit a tutor request form to utilize these services. Instead, to access a tutor, visit Online Tutoring.

When to schedule tutoring

You should seek out tutoring assistance when you first perceive a problem. Do not wait until you are behind in work or failing a course.

Remember that tutoring is not a substitute for being an active learner. Active learning involves attending class, completing assigned readings in the textbook, doing homework, preparing for quizzes and tests, asking questions in class, and communicating with your instructor about a variety of concerns. No amount of tutoring can take the place of active learning. In fact, you cannot receive tutoring services unless you demonstrate regular class attendance and a sincere effort in being an active learner.

How to schedule

If you are interested in becoming a tutor at MTC, you will need to schedule an appointment with the Testing and Tutoring Coordinator.  Contact David Richman at richmand@mtc.edu or 740-386-4154. His office is located in Bryson Hall, room 197.