Testing and Tutoring

Please Note:  Photo Identification is REQUIRED for ALL testing.  If you do not bring a student or state issued photo ID, then you will NOT be permitted to test in the Center for Student Success and Engagement .

Placement Testing

Testing Information

Our testing center now requires an appointment. This can be scheduled by calling our department number at 740-386-4200, emailing testing@mtc.edu, or by self-scheduling for an appointment here

Accuplacer placement testing is used to help you and your academic advisor determine which reading, writing and math courses you are ready to register for.  This placement test is typically taken shortly after your admissions appointment and before you meet with an advisor to sign up for classes.  Because information from this test is used to make important course selection decisions, it is highly recommended that you take the time to review and prepare for it adequately.

A Technologies Skills Test will also be given at the time you take Accuplacer.  This assessment is used to determine computer course selection.

ACT Residual Testing: Although ACT scores are not required in order to be enrolled as a student at Marion Technical College,  ACT scores are required or highly recommended as part of the application process into certain degree programs (RN, PTA, MLT, H&SS, Occupational Therapy Assisting, etc).

Although many students took the ACT while in high school, ACT Residual Testing is for those students still needing the test or those trying to improve their scores.  The biggest differences between National ACT (the test you took in high school) and Residual ACT (the test MTC offers), is that residual ACT scores can only be used by the Marion Campus.  These scores might not be accepted by other colleges and universities, which may be problematic if you have plans to transfer to another school.

Make-Up Testing

Occasionally, life circumstances or weather may prevent you from making it to a class exam.  Depending on the circumstances and how quickly you communicate the problem, your instructor may give you permission to make-up the test.  These make-up tests are typically proctored in the Center for Student Success and Engagement .  You will want to refer to your instructor and the course syllabus regarding the class’s policy for make-up exams.

ACT National Testing:   In addition to local Residual ACT Testing for MTC students, the Marion Campus is also a NATIONAL ACT TESTING SITE, which means anyone, including high school students and adults can sign up to take the ACT on one of these Saturday dates.

Why take the National ACT?

The National ACT is best for area high school students who want to have their scores posted in the National ACT database to be available for sending to many colleges.  Anyone can take the National ACT and it is also administered though OSUM on campus, but you must plan well ahead, and be prepared to pay and pre-register online.

ACT Preparation: There are a number of ways to prepare for the ACT, whether you are taking it though Residual or National Testing.  Visit the ACT Website for various options.

On-Line Classes and Independent Studies:  If you are taking an online course or an independent study, your course facilitator may have you take exams in the Center for Student Success and Engagement .  It is always important to know the name of your instructor and course number when arriving at the SRC to take a test.  All test are alphabetized under the instructor’s last name. All testing done in the SRC requires that you bring some form of identification, preferably your driver’s license.  No cell phones will be permitted in the testing room.