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Eligible students may be awarded up to $2,000 scholarship toward the cost of attendance!

What is the Ohio short-term certificate grant program?

The stated purpose of the short-term certificate grant program is to support need-based financial aid to students enrolled in a state institution of higher education to obtain a certificate that may be completed in less than one year and for which the certificate leads to an industry-recognized credential for an in-demand job. The investments will support the ability of the state of Ohio to retain and expand existing businesses, attract new investments and talent, and further entrepreneurship.  Here at Marion Tech, we are referring these certificates as micro-certificates because they are a small part of the offerings we have available.

Who is eligible?

Eligible students may be awarded up to $2,000 scholarship toward the cost of attendance. To apply, fill out this Scholarship Application Form. We’ll contact you if you qualify and help you through the next steps.

  • Applicants must be a resident of Ohio.
  • Applicants must sign up for a certificate program listed on this page (The scholarship does not apply to associate degrees). According to state rules, the scholarship can only pay for classes and fees that apply to your certificate.
  • Scholarships can be used not only for tuition, but also expenses such as school supplies, lab supplies, documentation, and certifications.
  • Once you complete your certificate, you may apply for another certificate scholarship.
  • If you haven’t already done so, you will need to apply for admission to Marion Technical College and register for classes.

What micro-certificates are available?

Computer Fundamentals

The 1 credit hour micro-certificate in Computer Fundamentals can lead you to become a basic computer operator.  The required 1 credit hour course is OIS1200 Computer BasicsExplore all of our Information Technology programs to see further opportunities!


Digital Image Specialist

The 3 credit hour micro-certificate in Digital Image Specialist can lead you to the in-demand career as a Marketing Designer.  The required course is OIS1620 Digital Image Manipulation.   

You can build upon the Digital Image Specialist micro-certificate to complete a Web Development Certificate (total of 30 credit hours including OIS1620) or perhaps an Associate of Applied Business degree with a Marketing Media Major (total of 63 credit hours including OIS1620).


Industrial Robotics

This 7 credit hour micro-certificate program will provide the education and training necessary to operate, program, diagnose and repair industrial robots.  The required courses are:

EET1000 Introduction to Electricity          2 credit hours

EET2400 Robotics I                                        2 credit hours

EET2460 Robotics II                                      3 credit hours

Once completed, you can continue your studies Robotics and Automatic Technology certificate (7 of the required 33 credit hours would be fulfilled) or an Associate of Technical Studies in Robotics and Automation Engineering Technology, an individualized program to meet your needs.


Intel® Semiconductor Manufacturing

Marion Tech is among the first community colleges in Ohio to offer an Intel® Semiconductor Manufacturing short-term certificate.

This 10 credit hour micro-certificate program will provide the education and training necessary to gain entry level employment in the semiconductor manufacturing or related industry.  The required courses are:

MFT1050 Semiconductor 101      4 credit hours

MFT1100 Manufacturing Processes       3 credit hours

MFT1060 Intro to Vacuum Systems    3 credit hours

Once completed, you can continue your studies and work towards completing a certificate or a degree in Engineering Technology at MTC.  A one year semiconductor manufacturing certificate and degree are also under development. 


MS Office Fundamentals

One of the in-demand careers for the service area of Marion Tech is Administrative Assistants.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the most recent median annual wage for administrative assistants was $39,850.  For individuals interested in becoming one, we have developed this 7 hour micro-certificate which consists of the following courses:

OIS1240 Computer Applications                               3 credit hours

OIS1260 PowerPoint                                                    1 credit hour

OIS1340 Advanced Excel & Data Visualization       3 credit hours

You can continue your studies by pursuing an Office Administration Technical Certificate (4 of the 30 required hours would be fulfilled) or an Associate of Applied Business degree.


Networking Cisco Option

This 9 hour micro-certificate can lead to a career as a network administrator.  The required courses are:

CIT1611 Introduction to Networks            3 credit hours

CIT2622 Intermediate Networking            3 credit hours

CIT2632 Advanced Networking                  3 credit hours

These 9 hours are a part of our Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Technology – Cyber Security and NetworkingWith this degree, you can purse career opportunities that include cyber security analyst, network engineer, or an IT technician to name a few.


PLC Operations

This micro-certificate provides students and working professionals the basic necessary knowledge and skills to operate, program and diagnose Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based control system.  This 7 hour program includes the following courses for a total of 7 credit hours:

EET1000 Introduction to Electricity                         2 credit hours

EET2010 Intro to Programmable Controllers         2 credit hours

EET2060 Advanced Programmable Controllers     3 credit hours

Once you have completed this micro-certificate, you can build upon by continuing your studies for a Smart Manufacturing Certificate (7 of the required 33 credit hours would be fulfilled) and then on to an Associate of Applied Science in Smart Manufacturing TechnologyOther options for further your education would include an Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering Technology (7 of the required 64 credit hours would be fulfilled) or an Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering Technology – Alternative Energy Option (7 of the required 63 credit hours would be fulfilled).


Real Estate Sales

MTC offers the four courses required to become a licensed Real Estate Salesperson in the state of Ohio.  Becoming a licensed Real Estate Salesperson in the State of Ohio requires completing required coursework, meeting contract hour requirements, and passing the Real Estate Salesperson examination.

The four courses are as follows:

REA1010 Real Estate Principles & Practices           3 credit hours

REA1100 Real Estate Law                                           3 credit hours

REA1200 Real Estate Finance                                    2 credit hours

REA1300 Real Estate Appraisal                                 2 credit hours

If you would like to continue your studies at MTC to become a Real Estate Broker, you may decide to continue your studies and pursue an Associate of Applied Business degree in Business Management with a Real Estate OptionThe four courses needed to be a real estate salesperson are a part of this curriculum and would fulfill 10 of the required 63 credit hours.


State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA)

Do you have an interest in helping people in a medical field?  Becoming a STNA is a great way to start!  This micro-certificate can lead to the in-demand jobs as a STNA, a home health aide or a patient care assistant.  The only requirement is the completion of NUR1003 Nurse Assistant Certification Prep for 3 credit hours which will prepare you to sit for the external examination which would qualify you as a STNA.  Once you complete this course, you can continue with the Associate of Applied Science degree to become a RN followed by the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (we’re the first community college in Ohio to offer this program!).


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